Do you have questions about how this whole process works?If so maybe you find your answers here!


What do I need to purchase and use a design?


You will need an embroidery machine.You will also need all proper software and devices to transfer the design to your embroidery machine.These are MACHINE EMBROIDERY/APPLIQUE DESIGNS and must be completed on an EMBROIDERY MACHINE!They can not be done by hand, regular sewing machine, or ironed on.They are digital files that you must finish on an embroidery machine.They are NOT iron ons!


When and how will I receive my design?

After your order process is complete you will receive an instant download link.You will also receive an email containing the links within minutes of your purchase.When you click the links your download will begin.It is a zipped file, so in order to use the design you must unzip the file first!Make sure your computer settings are set to allow zip files.You can also log into your account and retrieve any purchases made after November 16th 2011.More details on the account section below!


Do you offer instant download?


Yes!Once your order is complete you will be redirected to the instant download link by clicking complete order.You will also receive an email containing the download links.These links never expire.


What format's do the designs come in?


All designs come in .pes, .xxx, .tap, .jef, .sew, .exp, .vip, .dst, .hus, and .art.If you do not see your format listed here please feel free to contact me.I can convert to other formats.These are the most popular and included in the files found on the site.If there is a format you would like me to add I will be happy to look into it.


How do I add a name, initials, or combine designs?


In order to add a name, initials, or combine designs you must have the proper software.A great very affordable program for this is Sew What Pro.You can purchase it at www.sandscomputing.com. They also have a free 30 day trial so you can try before you buy.It is a great user friendly program and great even for beginners!There are also many other programs on the market for this.You can contact your dealer where you bought your embroidery machine for more software options.
Do you offer refunds for duplicate orders?
No I do NOT offer refunds!I will however be glad to send you another design in place of your duplicate.It is a good idea to check the designs you already have before ordering or as you are ordering.I do understand it happens though especially when you get excited over a great sale:)
 *You do NOT have to log in when making a purchase!Your order is automatically added to your account by the site since your username is your email address. You will want to use the the same email address each time you order so it will be easier for you to access your designs if they are all in one account!
This is a new feature that was installed November 16th 2011.All orders placed after that point are accessible via My Account.Any orders prior to November 16th will NOT be in your account BUT I can still look those up manually and resend them if I need too!Your account is automatically created when an order is placed(after November 16th).When you place an order your username(email address) and a temporary password is sent to you with your order.It will be at the bottom of the order.The first time you log in it will give you the option to change your password.You can then logout and log back in with your new password and access any orders after November 16th.Here is a little walk through of the process:
1. Your Instant Download link:(Note the username and password at the bottom):
To download Present2 Applique Design click the link below:
Present2 (Applique Momma).zip (1.71 MB) ~

You can also access downloads by logging in to your account at

Username: appliquemomma.com@gmail.com
Password: wmrt52
2. Then as most of you know you get an email with the links.Here is a copy of that:(note the username and password again at the bottom)
Thank you for your order, Name. Your transaction ID is 10263913.
To download Present2 Applique Design click the link below:
Present2 (Applique Momma).zip (1.71 MB) ~
You can also access downloads by logging in to your account at
3.Go to the My Account section and log in with the your username and temporary password:

7 NEW APPLIQUES AND 5 NEW MINIS listed this morning!
Please login below to access any downloads you have purchased as of 11/16/2011.
Contact us if you have questions about purchases prior to 11/16/2011.
4.Change your temporary password:
Downloads Logout

You can change your name, email and password below. Please ensure that you use the same email address when ordering so we know who you are.
New Password (leave blank to not change it)

Verify Password


Once you type in your new password and submit the page will refresh and the boxes will be blank.You can then logout and log back in with your new password.
5.Just in case you forget your password go to the my account page:
Logging in for the first time, or have you forgotten or don't know your password? Just enter the email address you used when you ordered and we will email the password to you.

*NOTE:It will only send you a new password if you have purchased on our site after November 16th BUT remember I am glad to look up any previous orders and resend them if I need too!
It is a pretty simple process!Most common problem been because people can't login but they haven't purchased since November 16th so that is why.And when you change your password and submit it goes back to the same page and the boxes are empty.That has been a little confusing.You just need to log out and then back in with your new password BUT people where thinking it had not been changed because it refreshes to the blank boxes.If you have any questions feel free to contact me!And don't hesitate to email me about your orders prior to November 16th if you need them sent for whatever reason(computer crashed, flash drive broke, etc.).I hope this clears up most questions about the new My Account feature!I think it is a great new feature for our site to have and will be a handy to for you!