About Us



I am a SAHM/WAHM of two wonderful boys. I started monogramming/appliquing in 2006.I did custom applique and embroidery for several years!I then started playing around with the digitizing side!I quickly learned I had a nack for it and really enjoyed it!I do very little custom work anymore.I try to put all my focus on designing!PLUS I have two boys and my husband works for the family logging business! And when your husband is a logger sometimes you feel like a single parent! He works extremely long hours! So it was kind of choose to digitize or choose to continue with custom applique and embroidery(I just couldn't do both)! So my choice was design!!! I prefer to stay behind the scenes now! I do miss the looks on the faces of customers when they would receive an item though! I still get that with designs, it just comes in the form of email instead of facial expression now!


Continue to check back often!I try to add designs weekly, but can't always!Be sure and like us on Facebook and sign up for the news letter to stay on top of all Applique Momma news!!!I am also working on a new blog so stay tuned for that!!!It will be filled with tips and how tos as well as little insight to who Applique Momma is!