• Each design is tested prior to listing.I personally test them and I also have several testers test each design for quality.Most designs are tested in the 5x7 size.I test in 5x7 pes.My testers test in various sizes and formats.


  • Applique Momma designs are not to be shared or sold by you the customer.You may sale items you make with the designs but you may not sale or share the actual design file or use it in any other way other than applique or embroidery.


  • You are welcome to use my site photos to display a design to your customer.You may not use the photo as your own work.I highly recomend that after you sew the design you replace my photo with that of your own.This is a good idea for various reasons:better example of your work, style, and fabric options.



  • These are NOT iron on or sew on designs.An embroidery machine is required to use Applique Momma Designs!Due to the digital nature of this product there will be NO REFUNDS!


Thanks for taking the time to reveiw our terms & conditions.We appreciate your cooperation.